Form communicates emotion.

Pattern transmits expression.

Rhythm is the basis of our visual world, from the windows and tile arrangements found in our homes, to the composition ofplant life and oceanic creatures.
Most every form of matter that we acknowledge throughout our daily lives posses the evidence of rhythmic life.

Rhythm structures tone and sound. It gives shape to speech, melody, dance, poetry, and the human body. Without rhythm light, sound, and
other forms could not be differentiated from one another as it is their frequency or rhythmic waveforms that define them.

While exploring and exposing various subject matter, my goal is to recognize how shape, form, and pattern are primary in our daily outlook.

The works created can be described as visual sheet music. Blocks and angles of color brushed and smudged across random perimeters of various medium.
Broken and solid line work split and gel together the variety of hue and shape. Found within the core of the work are the cultural references, signs of technological
advances, schematical diagrams, component dials and switches are all included for their fundamental form. Most of them are basic circles, squares, and triangles.
When these ideas are put together it creates a piece of music that is seen instead of heard. The rhythm of life is inhaled and exhaled with each day that is given to us.

By realizing the fundamentals of our daily visual experiences, individuals can relate and appreciate the role that rhythm plays in our lives.